Our clients include Canadian and foreign individuals, owner-managed businesses and private companies, professionals and their corporations, condominium corporations, non-profit organizations, and registered charities.

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Tax Return Preparation

We pride ourselves to have our premier tax practice led by our Tax Director, a Chartered Accountant with extensive knowledge in Canadian tax laws and over sixteen years of experience in a broad range of tax practice areas, including taxation for corporations, individuals, trusts and partnerships.  
The table below illustrates the board range of inome tax returns we can help you to prepare.  In preparing the tax returns, we exercise due diligence in applying our tax knowledge to ensure the least amount of taxes owing by the taxpayers. 
Who Has To File 
Due Date 


Canadian corporation - subject to Canadian taxation on worldwide income and reporting requirements in respect of foreign investment property

Foreign corporation - subject to Canadian taxation on Canadian source business income and gains from disposition of taxable Canadian property (e.g. real property in Canada) if not exempt under the treaty that Canada has entered into with the foreign country

Filing - Six months after year-end 

Final tax payment - 2 or 3 months after year-end


Individual resident in Canada - subject to Canadian taxation on worldwide income, including Canadian and foreign sourced income from employment, business, and rental property etc.

Individual not resident in Canada - subject to Canadian taxation on Canadian source income from employment, business, and gains from disposition of taxable Canadian property

Filing - April 30 generally, June 15 for self-employed individual

Final tax payment - April 30


Trust resident in Canada - subject to Canadian taxation on worldwide income
Trust not resident in Canada - in certain circumstances, a non-resident trust could be deemed to be a trust resident in Canada

Filing and final tax payment - 90 days after year-end 


The Canada Revenue Agency recently changed its administrative policy in respect of the filing requirements of parternship information returns.  Effective January 1, 2011, a partnership that carries on a business in Canada, or a Canadian partnership with Canadian or foreign operations or investments, may have to file a partnership information return for each fiscal period of the partnership. 

Depending on the types of partners 

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