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Access to accurate financial information in a timely manner is the foundation upon which a successful business is built.  With a solid foundation of well-organized financial records a business is able to operate efficiently on a dialy basis, adapt to changes in the business environment and take full advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.
As an enterpreneur, your priorities are on strategic planning to realize the vision of your business, developing and marketing your products or services, with the ultimate goal to grow your business.  Accurate and timely financial information is one of the critical sucess factors to your business.  Nevertheless, you cannot afford and also do not have the time to constantly keep the books up-to-date.  Your may hire employees or contractors to do the bookkeeping, however, with no one in charge of the verification of the accuracy and completeness of the books of records.  
Through our affiliate firm, Accounting Pulse, we can help you to ensure that updated and accurate financial information are always availalbe at your fingertips.   Below are just some of the key features of the offsite bookkeeping services rendered by Accounting Pulse:
  • Experienced staff bookkeepers with supervision by chartered accountants dedicated to keep your books accurate and updated on a timely basis
  • Review the completeness and accuracy of your books of records prepared by your employees or contractors
  • 24/7/365 secured online realtime access from anywhere to accurate and updated financial information
Other than bookkeeping services, Accounting Pulse also offers the following services to help you in compliance with the payroll tax and sale tax obligations:
  • Payroll services including computation of source deductions, process of employee pay slips and payroll remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency, and annual filing of T4 information return
  • Other periodic tax filings and remittances, including GST, HST, PST, WSIB and EHT, if applicable
Additionally, Accounting Pulse provides the following services for improving the cash flows of your business:
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Accounts payable management
  • Cash flow management
Lastly but not the least, Accounting Pulse's electronic file management service will help your business:
  • to organize all the records for retrieval from anywhere 24/7/365
  • to be in compliance with the obligations of retaining all the tax records for six years
  • to significantly reduce storage costs of paper records


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